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Should You Consider Collaborative Divorce?

Should You Consider Collaborative Divorce?

Not all families are created equal, and the kind of divorce that you and your family may need can also differ. One option that families separating from one another have is going through the traditional divorce process, attempting to settle their differences in mediation, or embarking on collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce is not an option for those that are seeking an intensive litigation process to maximize the amount they will get from the divorce, nor is it for those that agree on every aspect of their divorce and only need a lawyer to help then sign the paperwork to end their relationship. Collaborative divorce is best means for those that need help coming to an agreement about important property division, custody, and alimony decisions.

About Collaborative Divorce

With the help of an attorney, collaborative divorce allows you and your spouse to speak through these important issues to come to a solid agreement. Each spouse will meet separately with their own attorney to discuss their specific needs and desires, and then all four of you will meet to try and come to terms with your unique needs. If a settlement is not made and the couple in unable to come to an agreement, all attorneys must remove themselves from the case and it must go to court.

Collaborative divorce helps by:

  • Allowing you to handle the post-divorce negotiations on your own;
  • Using a temporary agreement to stabilize an explosive situation;
  • Giving you a settlement that embodies your unique needs;
  • Voluntary exchange of ideas and information instead of court-ordered; and
  • Streamlining the entire divorce process.

In addition, collaborative divorce can help reduce the overall expenses of a divorce. Separating with a spouse can be time-consuming, and the months spend litigating in the courtroom can add up. Utilizing a collaborative method, you decrease the amount of time and money that will be poured into the process.

If you are considering a divorce in Los Angeles, contact the Law Office of Kenneth U. Reyes, P.C. to get started. With 19 years of experience, our firm has helped clients take the next step in their lives and move on.


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