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Since 1999, the Law Offices of Kenneth U. Reyes, APC has been devoted to helping men and women throughout Los Angeles get through their divorces in as efficient and effective a manner as possible.

Our Los Angeles divorce lawyers believe in the importance of getting to know our clients on a personal level in order to form relationships based on trust. In doing so, we are more likely to help our clients obtain their desired outcomes.

Check out some of our notable attributes:

  • Services provided in a variety of different languages
  • 10 years of experience as a former CPA
  • Membership with the Los Angeles County bar Association
  • Admitted to practice in the California Supreme Court
  • Board certified by the California State Bar as a specialist in family law

We understand that divorce can be one of the most overwhelming legal processes to have to go through, and our attorneys do everything in our power to help our clients reach outcomes that are most favorable for their situation. Discover how our expertise and dedication can help you.

Board CERTIFIED Family Law Specialist

As a Board Certified Family Law Specialist, Attorney Reyes has established himself as an expert in the field. In order to achieve this certification, our founder had to pass an in-depth and complicated test, demonstrating his professional ability, ongoing education, and recognition among peers and judges. Very few lawyers in California can claim this accomplishment, and Attorney Reyes has become known throughout the community for the trusted counsel and effective representation he provides.

Going through a divorce requires you to set terms for a variety of aspects, legal matters that are both complicated and vital to your future. If you are able to work through your divorce peacefully through negotiation, or if your situation calls for a contested divorce in a Los Angeles family court, we stand ready to assist you.

Unlike some other firms that pass their cases around from staff member to staff member, our clients work directly with one attorney throughout the entirety of the divorce case. This is because our LA divorce lawyers genuinely care about the well-being and best interests of our clients.

We acknowledge how stressful it can be to work through any of these issues, and you can rest assured that, should you choose to hire our firm, we will work tirelessly to help you get the results you deserve. With more than 19 years of experience in the field and plenty of civil litigation experience, we are prepared to take on complicated cases.

Learn more about our services and schedule a case evaluation with our Los Angeles Divorce lawyer – give us a call at (213) 798-4854 or contact us online!

Collaborative Divorce in California

Collaborative divorce is the best means for those that need help coming to an agreement about important property division, custody, and alimony decisions in Los Angeles, CA. The process allows you and your spouse to speak through these important issues to come to a solid agreement. Each spouse will meet separately with their own attorney to discuss their specific needs and desires, and then all four of you will meet to try and come to terms with your unique needs. If a settlement is not made and the couple in unable to come to an agreement, all attorneys must remove themselves from the case and it must go to court.

Collaborative divorce benefits:

  • Allows you to handle the post-divorce negotiations on your own
  • Uses a temporary agreement to stabilize an explosive situation
  • Gives you a settlement that embodies your unique needs
  • Voluntary exchanges ideas and information instead of court-ordered
  • Streamlines the entire divorce process
  • Can help reduce the overall expenses of a divorce since you decrease the amount of time and money that will be poured into the divorce process

Contact our firm to learn more and see if this process will work for you.

Divorce Process in California

There seems to be a misconception in the general public that you can only obtain a divorce in Los Angeles, California if your spouse will sign the divorce papers. Rather, the process for divorce in California is as follows:

  • Residency requirement - You or your spouse must reside in the State for at least 6 months prior to filing the petition and in the County for 3 months prior to filing the petition.
  • Filing - When you file a divorce petition, you have to serve your spouse with the summons and petition. There is a specific way this needs to happen, so contact our office to learn more.
  • Response - Your spouse then has 30 days to file a response after being served with a divorce petition. If your spouse fails to file and serve you with a response, you can file a request for default against your spouse after 30 days. You can also file a proposed judgment for the court to approve. The default procedure can be done even if there are issues of property division, custody, visitation, and support. However, the Court will still review your proposed judgment and property division to make sure it conforms to the policy towards an equal division of community property.
  • Settlement or trial - The only time you may need your spouse’s signature is if your spouse files a response to your divorce petition. This is called "contesting" the divorce. If your divorce is contested by your spouse, you can resolve the case either by "settlement" or by "trial."
    • You do not have to settle all the issues in the case at once. Under the concept of divisible divorce, you can settle some of the issues and set the other issues which you and your spouse cannot agree on for trial.
    • For issues that you and your spouse cannot agree on, you will have to go through the litigation process which involves obtaining discovery, exchanging declarations of disclosures, and preparing the case for trial.

What Happens if Someone Refuses to Sign Divorce Papers?

In California, if someone refuses to sign divorce papers or participate in the divorce process, it does not necessarily prevent the divorce from proceeding. California is a "no-fault" divorce state, which means that a divorce can be granted without the consent of both parties. If one spouse files for divorce and serves the other spouse with the divorce papers, the court can proceed with the divorce even if the non-filing spouse refuses to sign or respond to the papers.

The spouse who filed for divorce can request a default judgment if the other spouse does not respond within a specified time frame (usually 30 days). A default judgment allows the divorce to proceed without the other spouse's participation. However, it's important to ensure that proper legal procedures are followed, including serving the divorce papers correctly and adhering to the required waiting periods.

In cases where the non-filing spouse actively avoids being served with divorce papers or refuses to participate in the process, the filing spouse may need to take additional steps, such as hiring a professional process server or seeking permission from the court to use alternate methods of service.

While a divorce can proceed without the non-filing spouse's signature, it may become more complicated if issues such as child custody, support, or property division are contested. In such situations, the court will still need to address these matters, and the filing spouse may need to provide evidence and arguments to support their desired outcomes.


How Our Experienced LA Divorce lawyers can help

While Attorney Reyes has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of family law, his background as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) further enhances his legal ability. This is because many issues involved in family law cases are of a financial nature.

With his experience as a CPA, our founder is able to bring skills to the table that other attorneys may not have to offer. More than anything, we want you to get through your divorce as painlessly as possible, and move on to a brighter future. No matter what your situation entails or how difficult things may seem, we are here to help you. Don't hesitate to see how our skilled legal team at the Law Offices of Kenneth U. Reyes, APC can be of service to you. Set up your appointment today!

Schedule a case evaluation with an experienced LA divorce lawyer – give us a call at (213) 798-4854 or contact us online!

  • “I can finally say now that my husband's dream to become a US citizen came true today March 6, 2016.” - C.K.
  • “Professional, kindhearted, and timely service.” - R.P.
  • “Kenneth took the time to sit down with us to explain the process” - L.P.
  • “The firm's expertise and care in handling my case has yielded the desired results in my three succeeding cases they handled.” - R.L.

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