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Do I Have To Disclose My Bitcoin To My Spouse In My Divorce Case?
Do I Have To Disclose My Bitcoin To My Spouse In My Divorce Case?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become popular lately as a new store of value. It is decentralized and not subject to regulation in any jurisdiction. It can be stored in a digital wallet or hard drive. Due to its lack of regulation, it is easy for one to assume that ...

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  • Starting The New Year Fresh With A Divorce

    Too many people, the New Year signifies a chance to have a fresh beginning. This is also the time of the year many people realize when a marriage is ...

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  • What Is The Difference Between An Annulment And A Divorce/

    What is the difference between a divorce and an annulment? Many people think these concepts are the same and interchangeable. There are many ...

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  • When exactly am I considered Separated from my Spouse in a Divorce case?

    The date of separation is one of the most important facts to determine in a divorce case because it defines when the community interest ends and when ...

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  • How Long Will the Divorce Process Take?

    In California, the divorce process will take a minimum of 6 months, though it may vary depending on a few other deciding factors. Just as each ...

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  • I filed my own divorce but I am having problems finishing it

    Many people try to file and open their own divorce case without an attorney in an effort to save on legal fees. Often, the self-represented divorce ...

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  • Four ways filing for divorce benefit your immigration case

    Couples get divorced for various reasons. California is a no fault state. The reasons why a couple is getting divorced are often irrelevant to the ...

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  • Can a Divorcing Couple agree to pay for their adult children's college expenses in their Divorce Judgment?

    Divorcing couples with children sometimes worry about who is going to pay for their children's college education after the divorce once their children ...

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  • Disclosure and characterization of overseas assets in divorce

    In a divorce proceeding, people sometimes have a misconception that the only assets or properties that have to disclose assets and properties situated ...

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  • How Courts determine Child Custody in California

    How Courts determine Child Custody in California One of the most emotional aspect of a marital dissolution case is dealing with Child custody issues. ...

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