Dressing and Conducting Yourself for Family Court

It is commonly the case that those who need to appear in family or divorce court have little courtroom experience. While it should have no direct bearing on your case, it is always recommended that families and individuals who must attend a court hearing take careful note of what they wear and how they conduct themselves. If you appear and act as if you are taking the legal matter seriously and that you respect the judicial process, it can only help the judge's perception of you.

Our team always recommends the following tips to clients who do not have a lot of courtroom experience. We are providing the same information below so new and prospective clients can benefit from the same advice.

Dressing for Family Court

· Men: A suit or "business casual" is recommended. This includes slacks, shoes, ties, and button down shirts. No sneakers, jeans, or t shirts. All facial hair should be shaved or trimmed.

· Women: Pant suits or appropriate skirts or blouses are recommended. Conservative makeup, hair, and shoes are also advised.

· Make sure that you shower and comb your hair.

· Avoid wearing all black or overly flashy or bright colors.

· Excessive jewelry should be avoided.

· Any visible piercings should be removed.

· Cologne and perfume is not recommended.

· If you have tattoos that can be covered, it is recommended you do so.

Behaving in Family Court

· Always arrive to court early. It is likely you will have to wait for court to begin, but arriving late to your hearing can have a negative effect on your case.

· Turn off all phones and electronic devices before entering court.

· Take off your hat before entering court.

· Get rid of all gum or snacks before entering court.

· Remove noisy items, like loose change, from your pockets or purse before entering court.

· During court, pay attention to who is speaking—stay alert.

· Refrain from speaking, unless the judge addresses you.

· Always address the judge as "your honor."

· Remain cordial and polite to everyone, including the opposing attorney.

If you have more specific questions or concerns about how to prepare and conduct yourself for court, then speak to your attorney. At the Law Offices of Kenneth U. Reyes, P.C., we know how stressful this difficult time can be for our clients and always strive to put them at ease for every step of the legal process. This not only includes being a staunch advocate for their interests both in and out of court, but also ensuring they can face resolving their legal issue with confidence.

Get the thorough representation you need to navigate your family law matter. Contact our proven, experienced Los Angeles divorce lawyers today.

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