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  • When exactly am I considered Separated from my Spouse in a Divorce case?

    The date of separation is one of the most important facts to determine in a divorce case because it defines when the community interest ends and when separate property interest commences in a marriage. All property acquired by a married person while domiciled in the State of California is community property. Family Code Section 760. That means any property acquired by either spouse regardless of ...
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  • How Long Will the Divorce Process Take?

    In California, the divorce process will take a minimum of 6 months, though it may vary depending on a few other deciding factors. Just as each marriage is different, each divorce may work differently depending on how the couple decides to handle their split and how they lived together as a married pair. If a couple shares children together or owns a high number of assets, for example, the divorce ...
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  • I filed my own divorce but I am having problems finishing it

    Many people try to file and open their own divorce case without an attorney in an effort to save on legal fees. Often, the self-represented divorce litigant would seek the assistance of the court facilitator’s office in preparing the papers to open their own divorce case. However once the divorce case is opened, many self-represented petitioners are not able to finish their divorce case to ...
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  • Four ways filing for divorce benefit your immigration case

    Couples get divorced for various reasons. California is a no fault state. The reasons why a couple is getting divorced are often irrelevant to the issues of the family law case. Divorce is often a difficult and negative experience for most families. However, getting divorce may have some unintended benefits in the immigration law arena. Four situations in which filing for divorce can be beneficial ...
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  • Can a Divorcing Couple agree to pay for their adult children's college expenses in their Divorce Judgment?

    Divorcing couples with children sometimes worry about who is going to pay for their children's college education after the divorce once their children graduates high school. They want a guarantee that their soon to be ex-spouse will share in the college expenses of their children. This is specially the case when the other spouse has moved on with a new family. The old family becomes less of a ...
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  • Why is the Date of Separation Significant in Divorce Cases?

    Why is the Date of Separation Significant in Divorce Cases? If you are contemplating divorce, have you ever wondered the exact date you "separated" from your spouse? The date of separation is one of the most litigated issues in a divorce case. Its determination can have a significant economic consequence in the outcome of the case. The reason being, a spouse's "earnings and accumulations" after ...
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  • Disclosure and characterization of overseas assets in divorce

    In a divorce proceeding, people sometimes have a misconception that the only assets or properties that have to disclose assets and properties situated in California. Even worst, sometimes parties even think that since an asset or property is situated in a different country or state, that property is not community property and not subject to division in California family court. One has to ...
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  • How Courts determine Child Custody in California

    How Courts determine Child Custody in California One of the most emotional aspect of a marital dissolution case is dealing with Child custody issues. Sadly enough, this is an area where most parents play games with each other trying their best to deprive the other parents of their right to maintain relationship with their child. Child custody comes in two parts, 1) physical custody and 2) legal ...
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  • Should You Consider Collaborative Divorce?

    Not all families are created equal, and the kind of divorce that you and your family may need can also differ. One option that families separating from one another have is going through the traditional divorce process, attempting to settle their differences in mediation, or embarking on collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce is not an option for those that are seeking an intensive litigation ...
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